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Hello, I am Sidharth. I love to code my heart out or code till i solve a particular problem. Thank you for visiting my page. My posts will mainly be on Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Machine Learning, Emacs, and sometimes thoughts and philosophies. Please share your feedback in the comment section. Connect with me:

Cycling through Windows in SwayWM

Some time ago i tried Swaywm , which is one of the top tiling window managers for linux and the only tiling window manager that works well enough on Wayland (for my use case at the very least). The only issue with it for me, was that i cannot cycle through windows like i would in any other window manager. Which was an issue for me only because i planned to use multiple window managers from time to time, and the default behavior for most was cycling with super+Tab I would occasionally use other systems that do not belong to me, and they have the same cycling behaviour.

Using pass to auto authenticate for github

People often use SSH to avoid entering their username and password while pushing commits to github or gitlab. I like to use this excellent unix password utility called Pass . Why use pass instead of SSH Anyone who can gain access to your computer (physical, or through some form of hacking) can push changes to your github. the gpg-agent locks itself after some time has elapsed You can kill the gpg-agent when you are not not using the machine Github recommends using personal access tokens A disadvantage though is, you will have to enter your password store password from time to time.

Exporting Org Roam notes to hugo

Before i start talking gibrish let’s give special credits to jethrokuan (Jethro Kuan) for writing the org-roam package and kaushalmodi (Kaushal Modi) for ox-hugo exporter. Introduction GNU Emacs is truly an amazing software. It can work as a text editor, a news feed reader, email reader, IDE, and much more. One of the truly amazing things i found on emacs was Org mode . Org mode is really a markup language which has all sorts of amazing features.

A quicker way to reach localhost with qutebrowser

Qutebrowser Qutebrowser is the best web browser for developers, hands down. Nothing can compare to the flexibility it offers. Now, ofcourse other web browser must have ways of enabling and disabling various fancy features, but it’s much harder to achieve. I have a number of scripts that i use on a daily basis in qutebrowser which i maintain here (SidharthArya/.qutebrowser ) on a daily basis. The Problem One of the issues i have sometimes is to reach localhost on various ports quickly.

Running ipython inside a python script

Imagine you are writing a very convoluted program with all sorts of threading magic. You want to continuously test various sections of your program before moving on with the next task. Would you rather write all the functions in the file at the same time and start debugging the code for errors, or would you rather fire up an ipython shell with your program loaded up and available to you?

What is this blog about

To blog - To share, To connect, To create, To inspire To be honest, i wanted to start my blog in an incredibly attractive way, and so i searched a quote. And…. here we are. A quote i found on google, that makes it seem like my blog has a lot of purpose behind it. But, how exactly do you make an introduction attractive enough for you to gain enough ad revenue is all i am thinking right now.