Taking the work out of networking : an introvert's guide to making connections that count

(Wickre 2018 )


  • Start with what the other person needs, instead of what you want from them. Plant seeds and watch them bloom and outgrow you
  • Networking by nurturing
  • getting curious before furious


Networking is more about farming than it is about hunting - Ivan Misner

  • Network to give advantage not to take
  • have a good sense of who everyone is. R: names, connections, accomplishments, and job changes
  • Curiosity and openmindedness for networking. Observe and Apply
  • Use social media to boost connections
  • Authentic

When we shut, we lose irrespective of what or who we are

Elements of Connecting

Unleashing the Introvert’s Secret Power

  • Importance of Initiation
  • Observe emotions + reasons
  • Ask questions
  • Use natural curiosity
  • Observe


Wickre, Karen. 2018. Taking the Work Out of Networking : an Introvert’s Guide to Making Connections That Count. New York: Touchstone.